My Journey Back to Life


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My journey back to life…

On May 21, 2011 I had a heart attack. I was only 41. The signs had all been there glaring at me but I was still in a state of denial. I argued in the emergency room with the doctor. There must be a mistake. I couldn’t be having a heart attack. I spent the three days in the hospital reflecting on my life. What in my life did I need to change? What was really important to me? I came up with one idea every time. I wanted to get back to life. Really enjoying my life. I wanted a lifestyle that was family-centered, free of unnecessary stress, positive and healthy. I have slowly been recreating myself and my life to reflect this idea.

There were a few lifestyle changes I knew I had to change immediately.

  • I had to take care of my heart, my physical heart. I needed to adjust my diet and exercise more routinely. I was in general a healthy person but I needed to fine tune. I had to cut certain things out of my diet and I also needed a real exercise regiment.
  • I needed to de-stress. Essentially, I was working at a place I hated, to pay a mortgage I couldn’t afford, for a house I didn’t even like. Crazy right? I am an entrepreneur at heart and I started to make plans to slowly exit the nine to five world. I had to reassess what I could afford to pay for a home. I also decided I needed to make sure my home was at least comfortable for me to live in.
  • I had to be honest with myself. There were people and situations in my life that did not make me happy. I was living a lifestyle I had been told was the right one for me. And from that hospital bed, the only thing that felt right was my family. The rest of it seemed like such nonsense. I set out to find my new square one, mine.

That was four years and 6 months ago. I have made some major lifestyle changes but mostly I have spent all this time making some mental changes. Am I there yet? No way. But I have decided to chronical my journey back to life to help me stay on track and to share with others. It’s a life in progress.


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    1. Actually, I did start the new businesses. I opened a Bed and Breakfast in my home and I run a Group Family Day Care out of my home. I have about another 2 years on the plan before I can leave the 9-5 life completely but I did start the process. I am working on 1 more piece of the puzzle. I have to make sure that money if flowing from the business to support my current lifestyle. Its a life in progress… thanks for asking.

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